Monday, February 25, 2008

nordic debut

kristin kricket gina

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

roll with it

a break in the action
There were days of playing tether ball in downhill bike helmets, riding horses around the pond, testin’ the Tracks with a legend and drinking lattes with my new neighbor. Memories of grilling out on 2nd Ave, swinging at Bread, shopping on the streets of Telluride and 2 dates with the spa.

back to zone five
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Ned telling tales on the start line, Telluride, CO

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RK and I pre ride the epic loop, Brian Head, UT

We raced up Hermosa on the Tuesday nighter and 4 so pro chicks showed up for the Thursday short track. The weekend Mountain States Cup brought on an early mechanical - a tough way to start the first of 3 grueling laps. Steep climbs were followed by Brian Head’s one big climb and one big epic loop. An early flat was only the beginning of troubles. By Friday I was in the dentist chair for an unplanned root canal. So much for the National finals at Aspen.

hello pretty
More like, does your face hurt? You know the rest. A week off the bike proved constructive as I came off the couch to win the hometown Dirt Lovers Rally.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

three weekends in the high country

Vallecito and Hermosa Creek
One bright and sunny Saturday morning, Pigtails, Mina and I kicked Randall’s butt sprinting up to Vallecito. His white Texas skin became bright red from the lack of oxygen and intense sun. Lucky for him it was all downhill back to town and we gave him the city limit sign victory just so he could brag to us ‘you’re only as good as your la-a-a-st sprint.’ Uh - huh.

Great ideas come to me during my 30 minute showers...girls shuttle guys to Engineer, girls leave cars at Hermosa Creek, girls ride Hermosa Creek to town, guys ride Engineer to cars. Brilliant! Robin and McKenzie took off with me on the epic 35 mile, 70% downhill ride through the lush, forested singletrack. We sang James Brown and made 1 tech zone stop (Tiles fixed the man-without-tools' seat in 2 minutes flat) on our 3 hour ride home.

Deer Valley
I’m coming back. Or I’m finally in race shape. Whichever, it was fun. Sweet course and a great time racing with my girl-y friends.
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start of chicks XC ©travisswicegood

On Friday our party of 12 got together for pre-race dinner prepared by the Dogger. The next night we braved the streets of Park City. Such a See.and.Be.Scene. Not my style but good entertainment. After sizzlin’ the Short Track, it was back to the dream town.

Little Molas and Stony Pass, Silverton
The Patagonia crew headed up to Silverton to celebrate Kara and Jeff’s wedding, camp, fish, hike and bike. The ceremony at Little Molas Lake was absolutely skies, shimmering water, peaceful mountains and wildflowers set the backdrop for the roundup of dogs, friends and family.

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Yea, keep those shades on ‘cause in 10 years you’ll look back and say, ‘what was I thinkin?’

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That afternoon thunderstorm is coming. And I have no bathtub to hide in.

Afterwards I jumped on the Colorado Trail and rode through meadows of 4 foot high flowers and across waterfalls - every turn led to the most spectacular scenery. I jumped in the lake and threw the dress back on to meet the Fisherman at the reception in Silverton. Great food, Pottsville beer and music wrapped up the night. The next day was another stellar, high country ride - up to Stony Pass - followed by fly fishing and grub at Handlebars Grill. Cheers to another great weekend.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy Blog

Between my spring races and trip out east, I spent most of my time designing, marketing, promoting and launching 6 new real estate projects at DMR. Very challenging and tiring but I love it and hopefully the work-life balance will return to Durango levels.

Many friends and family were in town - photographer Andy, cyclists from my old White Rock training grounds, the one and only Candy, Miles’ mom Maureen, my brother and Prentice and Lynn from Cali. How nice it was to take them out on the town, on my favorite bike routes, up to the mountains and out on the river. Ahh...summer!!

river ride
This past weekend I woke up to Rucus and Bits, watered the yard and mosey-d on over to the Farmers Market. I can’t wait to go again...Bread coffee in little cups, machine washed salad, sweet desserts and cool art. Good thing I brought my dollars. By 10am the chicks were on their bikes headed towards Vallecito. Instead of riding around the lake we stopped at the general store. Too bad I spent all my dollars, I could have used a soda. Instead Grandma filled us up with cold water and waved goodbye as we headed back to town. The rest of the day was spent on the river tubing - my first outing all year. I narrowly escaped getting swallowed up by a tree as I was watching some yahoos jump off Main St bridge. And as I was balancing on my tube through the rapids I wondered if anyone would want to race from 32nd to 9th? Hmmmm, that’s a great idea.

keepin it real
Sunday was another river day as I hung out on Durango Beach while Miles and Silo went fishing with one fake fly. I learned that it’s illegal to use real (wanted dead or alive) flies. Earlier in the day a group of six girls plus one random guy went mountain biking on the Colorado Trail. Robin and I took our favorite route back on Lightner Creek Road. It’s great riding with Robin. Not only because we both agree cycling is gay, but she has the best stories (mostly about her diehard dad), Hollywood news, sports scores, cooking tips, fashion updates and shocking facts like how the dead deer on the side of the road is so bloated it’s about to pop! Nasty, I know, but memorable. And true.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

east coast

pour some sugar on me
The Norba’s 2nd stop of the year was at Sugar Mountain, North Carolina. So much for roots, mud or singletrack. This ski hill course was a suffer-y 35 minute jeep road climb followed by a 5 minute steep newly cut single track descent. I should have packed my road bike.

My supplier and good friend, Suzanne, showed up for the short track in white shorts - gasp! While the commentators gave us the thumbs up, they explained to the men, please don’t try this at home. After another ice bath in the stream, Nina, Shannon and I packed the cars, packed Nick, picked up Katerina and headed to mfa’s house in Chapel Hill. The entourage ordered pizza, ate homemade chocolate chip cookies and watched my Mavs obliterate Barney and the Heat.
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K-Bomb charges to a record setting 10th short track win

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You girls are crazy!

Giggly girls, early alarms, airport deliveries, a lot of coffee, a local ride with neighbor Brig, a lil shopping, freshly polished pink nails, dopie soapies, hanging with Glitter and Drew, and a dinner celebration for Lynnie. Happy Birthday!

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Krickee and Lynnie near the Lucky something, something, something in Durham, NC

here comes the rain again
TeeRich and I drove through the rolling green mountains of Vermont and were greeted with heavy rains as we turned the corner into Mount Snow. I expected nothing less. Since we kept The Daves up at Sugar, the chicks made camp in one room and kept the living room free for Dance Party.

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the traveling circus gets ready for Round 3 - first class Luna Style

In the mornings we slept in, ate two breakfasts with two coffees and in the afternoon it was ride time. We all had smiles and mud on our faces as we picked our climbing lines through the muddy roots and rocks and tested our descending skills on epic east coast singletrack. Fun stuff ‘til race day then it was pure pain and in my case, pure survival.

The course took many victims including Lea who will now have to swing from 1 arm off Bakers Bridge. I fought through the ever present devil on my shoulder and got through it thanks to the never ending support and cheers from spectators lining the course, the crews of photographers, racers, feed and tech-zoners and the sun-up to sun-down percussion section.

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Dave in Payne - put it in the big ring Babe!

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This ain't no LSM driver - Nina races to the airport

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RG sends me a pretty pic I've titled: Oxygen Poisoning – get me to the west coast!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the spring races: small town, grass roots style

ride the lightning
A mass start from the horse barn at the Cortez fairgrounds, racers smiling, local media on the scene. Lisa shakin her groove thang for the camera man. Lea’s face as she looks back to see a herd of Sport guys racing us to the single track. McKenzie killin it. Post race spaghetti feast, dogs rolling in the dirt, race tales and crafty awards.

thank you for coming to Gallup
Nothing but love from the town. Promoters handing over endless envelopes of cash and my favorite event - street sprints - 300 meters down old Hwy 66. Mix it up with a big lap mountain bike race, a downtown crit and a road race through the state park - all in 2 days.
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Miles bridging the gap, downtown Gallup, NM

beat the train
An epic ride from Durango to Silverton. Two mountain passes, 5600 ft of climbing, roads closed to cars, thousands of riders each with their own goal. Family and friends hanging out, riding, racing and celebrating the legendary cycling town I call home.

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riding towards the the first summit, Coal Bank 10640 ELEV

Wyatt knows bike racers fuel on sugar, send over some more Fruit Loops

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Start of the pro men's criterium

Sad Blog

a message from a fanatical blog ambassador

Dear Kricket,

I give up on your blog. I had to wade through the sorry *** Norba site to find the results. I enjoyed your blog even when you talked **** about me. Now I have nothing to go by. I have to resort to reading Todd's spelling errors and Sager's sob stories.

Update that blog or I will sneak in and do it for you!

Just for Sven, I'll post the stories and pics of the last 6 weeks and try not to mis-spell or cry. Check back the meantime, here's a preview thanks to my campaign man Dave.

Friday, May 12, 2006

the OC and the IE

My trip to Cali was awesome. Not only did I get to see my brother and his bros at Mansion de Lynn, I met up with Pren and Company for dinner on Laguna Beach. Earlier that day I rode through nature trails, explored rivers and hidden caves and learned how to do big wheelies in Laguna Canyon.

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checkin on the tide

Photo Hosted at
the scenery

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the scene: blondies with the dark haired rich guys in CLKs with cellies
hmmm...I wonder what my other boyfriend/girlfriend is doing

On Friday we drove inland to the empire for the first NORBA national. The course was sweet - desert singletrack climbs, techie downhills and urban thrills. A fun pre-ride was followed by pool time and a trip to a savvy Italian eatery with Team Trek. While waiting for our table, we hung out in the parking lot of a mad C-Rock concert–skate board demo–car show. We didn’t think the guy who just polished his hotwheels would mind us posing for a pic.

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Lea, Kricket and Rebecca in, on and around the display model

Race day came and went. For me, a really fun race but a really bad result. Chalk it up to early season. At least my bike ran like a dream and my clothing kit made one photographer’s day. Back at the bike racer’s ‘dorm,’ we told race stories (my favorite part of racing), refueled, checked internet blogs (so dumb) and met up with the Park Ranger for dinner. After one more day in the smog racing short track, I left the IE to get back to the beaches of the OC.

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short track climb

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short track dust

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bye, bye beach